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Family Ministries

We are delighted to have you visit our online hub dedicated to strengthening and nurturing families in faith. At St. Stephen Martyr, we understand the significance of family in shaping our lives. Our Family Ministry is designed to support and strengthen families as they navigate the joys and challenges of life together.

Our goal is to create a warm and inclusive environment where families of all shapes and sizes can come together to grow in their relationship with each other and with God. 

Through a variety of programs and events, we strive to empower families to build strong foundations based on love, compassion, and a deep understanding of God's grace. Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers is passionate about equipping you with practical tools to navigate the demands of modern family life while staying rooted in your faith.


Explore our webpage to discover:

  • Engaging family-oriented events and gatherings

  • Thought-provoking discussions

  • Resources for nurturing spiritual growth at home

  • Parenting tips and advice from experienced mentors

  • Opportunities to connect with other families in our church community

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