Music Ministries

The Praise Team

The praise team practices on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm to prepare for leading the Sunday Gathering Service in music. If you sing, play drums, bass, guitar, keyboard please contact Cliff Varian to see how you can become involved.

Children’s Choir

The children’s choir is composed of our Sunday School students. They learn songs during their weekly Sunday School class which they occasionally share during our worship services.  Each December they lead a Christmas Program

Voices of Promise

Is a vocal youth choir open to students in grade 3 or older. They rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 5-5:30 pm. Please contact our director, Marie Downey to join or get more information.

Voices of Promise Youth Choir
Voices in Praise

Voices in Praise is St. Stephen’s adult vocal choir. They share their gift of song each week during our traditional worship services and they would love to have you join them. Voices in Praise rehearse at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evenings. Childcare is offered during rehearsal time. They enhance our worship September-May. They also offer up a Christmas Cantata every advent season. Please contact choral director, Marie Downey for additional information.

Voice In Praise Choir
Agape Ringers

This adult handbell choir is for the less experienced or beginning musician. The Agape Ringers rehearse on Friday mornings at 11:15 am. They also perform for our traditional worship services a few times a year, September – May. Please contact bell director, Debbie Elsass to get involved.

Praise Team
Chime Choir

Is a youth choir for students in grades 1-6. They learn to read and play music to share during our worship services. They rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:00 pm. Please contact Debbie Elsass for more information or to join this choir.

Bells of Promise

Is a handbell choir for students in grades 7-12. Bells of Promise rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-6:45 pm. We hope you enjoy this sample of what these talented students are doing.

Voices In Bronze Bell Choir
Voices in Bronze

Voices in Bronze is our adult handbell choir for those with musical experience. They rehearse Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm and share their music with us during our traditional worship services September-May. Please contact director Debbie Elsass for more information.

I truly enjoy singing in the choir because I am a member of a great church group who take pride in providing a musical message to the congregation each week.  Being part of the choir makes each Sunday service more meaningful for me.  For me getting the music right to deliver the anthem's message is important.  

-- Dan Hahn