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Confirmation is a significant milestone in a young person's faith journey. It's a time when youth have the opportunity to delve deeper into their beliefs, ask meaningful questions, and solidify their commitment to their Christian identity. The St. Stephen Youth Confirmation Program is thoughtfully crafted to provide a comprehensive and engaging experience that empowers youth to embrace their faith with confidence and enthusiasm.

Program Highlights:

  • Interactive Learning: Our program curriculum is dynamic and relevant, designed to resonate with the experiences and challenges faced by today's youth. Through interactive lessons, discussions, and activities, we explore the core principles of Christianity, Lutheran traditions, and the relevance of faith in our modern world.

  • Open Dialogue: We create a safe and welcoming space where youth can openly express their thoughts, doubts, and curiosities about faith. Our program encourages open dialogue, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

  • Spiritual Guidance: Each youth is paired with a dedicated adult mentor from our congregation. Mentors provide guidance, support, and a listening ear, offering valuable insights and sharing their own faith journey.

  • Service and Community: We believe in the importance of putting faith into action. Our program includes opportunities for youth to engage in meaningful service projects, cultivating a sense of compassion and responsibility towards their community.

  • Culminating Celebration: The program culminates in a special confirmation ceremony, a joyous occasion where youth publicly affirm their faith and commitment to Christ surrounded by their church family.

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