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Good News Great Times

The Good News Great Times Committee focuses on planning and organizing social and community-building events and activities. The primary goal of this committee is to foster a sense of fellowship, create a welcoming atmosphere, and strengthen relationships among church members.

Some of the activities the Good News Great Times Committee might be a part of would be:

  • Social Events: Organizing various social gatherings and activities for the congregation, such as picnics, potluck dinners, movie nights, game nights, and outings.

  • Seasonal Celebrations: Planning events and celebrations for special occasions like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other significant holidays.

  • Outreach Activities: Arranging events aimed at reaching out to the local community and inviting them to participate in church activities and services.

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Coordinating volunteer activities and service projects to support charitable causes and help those in need.

  • Small Group Activities: Facilitating the formation of small groups or interest-based clubs within the church to encourage deeper connections among members with shared interests.

  • Fundraising: Organizing fundraising events to support church initiatives, missions, or charities.

  • Welcoming New Members: Creating initiatives to welcome and integrate new members into the church community.

  • Communication and Promotion: Ensuring that information about upcoming events and activities is communicated effectively through church bulletins, newsletters, social media, and announcements during services.

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