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Prayer chain

What is the purpose of the Prayer Chain?

  • The purpose of the Prayer Chain is to ask God to intervene, through our prayers, in the lives of St. Stephen church members, family, friends, and others. We foster intentional prayer for mission and ministry, uplifting and surrounding all we do in prayer. We are committed to prayer. Philippians 4:6 tells us to . . . " pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer your prayers and requests to God."

How do you submit your request to the Prayer Chain?

  • There are several ways you can get a request for prayer to the Prayer Chain:

    1. You can call the church office or Pastor Bruce, at 330.492.4591, or e-mail at

    2. You can email the Prayer Chain coordinator at

    3. You can write your prayer concern on a Connect Card during a worship service. Please include your name & phone, person or thing of concern, and whether this should appear in the church bulletin. When your special prayers are no longer needed, please let the church office know.

    4. You can submit your request now by filling out this form

How do members of the Prayer Chain get the prayer requests?

  • Members have a choice of receiving the prayer requests and thanksgivings through a phone calling list or by e-mail. One of our goals is to help members of the Prayer Chain receive the requests in a timely way, so praying can start quickly.

How many people and prayers are involved?

  • In 2017, we had 108 people on the Prayer Chain and 721 requests for prayers were met. More and more church members are praying for others, and have deepened their prayer lives. God bless our Prayer Chain members in this important ministry!

Remember, there are many ways to pray:

  • formal prayers learned through church

  • Scripture reading and meditation

  • song

  • listening to God in your heart,

  • meditation in nature

  • original prayers from the heart

  • church attendance

  • ....and so many more.

The goal is always to connect with God.

Pray With Us

Prayer is a way for us to reach out of ourselves, to put aside our own problems, for the sake of another. It is also a way for any person to act on God's command to love one another. Our Prayer Chain is a spiritual alarm clock which takes prayerful action on the needs of our congregation, community, and global needs. If you have questions about the St. Stephen Prayer Chain or you would like to join our prayer team, please contact the church office or Prayer Chain coordinator.  We would love to have you join our Prayer Team!

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