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Why Estimate of Giving?

Beloved People of God....

This October 9, we invite all members of our congregation to share in our mission and grow to be a church where love lives, by sharing your financial commitments in response to the grace God has given you. But perhaps you have some questions about why share an Estimate of Giving.

Estimate of Giving, Plan for Giving, Faith Commitment, Promise, Covenant, whatever you call it; it is important in the life of our church today. The rapid change taking place in the world and the needs of the world make it very important that I develop a plan for proportionate giving to and through my church, write down my weekly intention, and put my name to it.....

Because I need to make plans at least once each year to grow in my giving and manage to the best of my ability the dollar resources with which God has blessed me.

Because God gives me the grace to give, and that grace moves me to make a firm commitment to my church-contributing a portion of my time, talents and financial blessings for our Lord’s mission and ministry.

Because in estimating my giving I make an effort to show just how much God is the God of my life, and in growing in my commitment each year I give external evidence of my internal priorities. I put God first. I risk in faith. I trust in God to provide.

Because God has asked for my commitment-not just that I give-but that I be committed to justice and mercy and faith in all the world. As a Christian, my estimate of giving is foundational to all ministry and helps my church plan for and provide such programs of ministry.

Because God is important in my life and my personal support of our Lord’s ministry is a way to make a difference in the world.

Because Christians can only lead by example. Jesus set the example for me to follow in stewardship. If Christ was not afraid to be nailed to the cross for me, I certainly am not afraid to affix my name to an estimate of giving for his work. It is an outward expression of my love for him.

Because I know that the discipline of making an estimate and sticking to it is in direct response to a loving God who paid his life to me, in full, on Calvary.

Because the programs for ministry that my congregation and my church at large provide for me and my family are important in our life, and anything so important takes planning and commitment.

Because I do not believe that any Church Council can make meaningful decisions concerning ministry without first knowing what can be expected in support of those ministries.

Because in my estimate I commit freely and openly. It is neither legal nor legally binding. It expresses my hopes and cares for the programs of ministry that proclaim Christ’s love in a world that so desperately needs it.

And Because it enables me to be truly intentional about my own personal stewardship. I can prayerfully consider what God is calling me to give to the ministry of Christ’s Church and make a conscientious decision about my response.

See You Sunday!

Pastor Bruce

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