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Voices In Bronze

The Voices In Bronze handbell choir is an integral part of St. Stephen's music ministry. This talented ensemble consists of dedicated individuals who are passionate about handbell ringing and creating beautiful music together. Our choir members come from various age groups and musical backgrounds, but they all share a common love for the unique sound and artistry of handbells.

They strive for excellence in musicianship and aim to glorify God through music. The choir practices regularly, honing their skills and developing a strong sense of camaraderie.

The sound of handbells is truly captivating and has the power to touch hearts and souls. Their repertoire spans a wide range of musical styles, including traditional hymns, contemporary Christian music, classical pieces, and even some secular selections. Throughout the year, you can expect to hear the Voices In Bronze handbell choir participating in various worship services, special events, and concerts within the church.

If you're interested in joining our handbell choir or experiencing their music firsthand, we warmly invite you to attend one of our services or stop in during their weekly practice.

This group is for experienced music readers only. They rehearse on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:00. There is also the opportunity in this group for solo and small ensemble ringing.

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