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Programs and events for 6th through 8th grade students.

Confirmation Program

Confirmation, or Catechism as it is often called, is an intentional faith development process. The goal is that each student will affirm their baptism and take ownership over their faith development. Confirmation includes 6th - 8th grade students who are part of St. Stephen and is rooted in worship, learning, service, and fellowship.

Worship & Learning

Students are expected to participate in worship through regular attendance, serving as an acolyte and crucifer, and by taking notes on what they hear, experience, and learn. Students are expected to take notes on the service they attend by writing a brief summary of the sermon and/or any other observations they would like to share. Sixth grade students are expected to submit 6 notes per year, students in seventh will submit 7, and students in eighth will submit 8. Learning occurs through worship and class. Our curriculum includes four units of learning, spanning through the Old and New Testaments, Lutheran History & Catechism, and Lutheran Living. On Sundays that class doesn’t meet, students are encouraged to worship or serve as a volunteer. Students are expected to complete 80% of the lessons listed to the right. Lessons that are not completed in person on Sundays at 9:30 will be able to be made up digitally (instructions below).

Service & Fellowship

Students will participate as an acolyte or crucifer as scheduled. Students are to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the worship service. Each student will serve at least once at the 8:00 service as well as the 10:45 service so that the ministry is shared by all involved, as service to the church. If the student needs a replacement for a service, please let the Director of Connections, Allie Harpster, know by the preceding Thursday morning. Additional service projects will be scheduled through the church, but we also encourage students to sign up to be readers, greeters, ushers, Kids Church leaders, and nursery helpers! Service and fellowship events will be announced on the website, through the newsletter and by email. Students are expected to complete 8 hours of service per year through St. Stephen, and submit those here.

Online Component

Students desiring to complete part or all of the lessons online must be approved by the Director of Family Ministry before proceeding. Each lesson has a video that must be watched and an online student and parent form that must be submitted. All three components need to be complete for that lesson before it will be reviewed by the Director of Family Ministry. After a unit is completed, the student will need to schedule an in person review before moving onto the next unit. Students completing classes in person will have an annual review built into the schedule.

Quake Retreat

Each year our middle school students attend a retreat called Quake. Quake events are weekend retreats created specifically for youth in grades 6-12. Since 1966, Quake has hosted events at hotels and water parks across the country. Quake partners with youth leaders to encourage teens to become established in their faith, empowered for Christian living and enabled to live a life of ministry and leadership.

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