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“Give courage and faith to all who mourn and a sure and certain hope in your loving care, that casting all their sorrow on you, they may have strength for the days ahead.”  
Evangelical Lutheran Worship

On the death of a loved one, St. Stephen Martyr wishes to offer support and hope to those who mourn and to honor the earthly life of the one who has passed on to the sure and certain hope of eternal life in Christ. Those who wish to arrange for the Christian burial of or memorial service for a loved one may contact St. Stephen via e-mail or by phone at 330-492-4591. The staff will arrange for a pastoral visitation and coordinate arrangements with the funeral home of choice.  If requested, the church staff also will arrange for volunteers to help with a meal following the service.



St. Stephen does have a columbarium for the internment of ashes.  Burial within a church or in the adjacent church yard holds a long tradition in Christianity, but as populations and urban areas have grown, burial space has become scarce. The columbarium is a practical and thoughtful solution for those who wish their remains to rest near their church.

For more information about our columbarium, please contact the church office at 330-492-4591

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