Family Life Center
Holy Grounds Cafe
Conference Room
St Stephen Room
Education Room

Please note all rental rates are subject to change. Call the church office at 330.492.4591 to check current pricing/room availability and to schedule a rental.

The room security deposit is the same as the room rental. It is refunded after the event upon approval of our Facility Manager. A room security deposit is required for all groups.


  1. The Church strictly adheres to a NO SMOKING policy.

  2. Alcohol is not permitted on the premises. This includes wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages. Champagne toasts are also not permitted. The church does not hold a State Liquor permit or a Jackson Twp. permit.  Alcohol on the premises is a violation of church policy and state and local laws.

  3. Tables and chairs are available for use. Following the event it is up to the responsible party to clean the tabletops.

  4. Following the event, clean up is the responsibility of the party using the facilities:

    • Return all equipment used in clean form to original locations.

    • Wipe up any spills.

    • Wipe all counter tops, sinks and cooking areas in the kitchen (if used).

    • Remove any unused food from the kitchen (if used).

    • Place all garbage in plastic bags.

  5. Children should be under parental or adult supervision at all times.

  6. The well being of the guests is the responsibility of the party using the facilities. This includes any possible accidents that might occur.

  7. When leaving the facilities please secure the building.

    • Check all bathrooms. Check for running water and turn off all lights.

    • Check coat racks and rooms for belongings. The church does not maintain any           responsibility for lost or stolen items.

    • Turn off all lights.

    •  Be sure to lock and secure kitchen door, if used.

NOTE: Facilities are only available until 10:30 p.m.